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Finding Inspiration

Freestyle cooking is a joy and an art, but that skill is built on hours of trolling through recipes and learning new skills. I love looking into my kitchen and trying to make something new, but in equal measure I love getting new cookbooks and reading through online cooking sites. Below are some of my favourites. Hopefully they are new to you. Chef Steps. I'm going to start with the one that was the greatest revelation to cooking style. These guys are awesome and will push you as a cook in the best way. Everything is measured (in grams) and they are definately pursueing a level of professionality in their recipes. You can search through their extensive list of recipes and try out new skills or try out some of their online courses. Use this site to be adventurous. Their caramlized carrots are to die for.

Tasteologie This is the offshoot of a design website the aggregates design links. It is just an exceedinlgy pretty list of great recipes that are submitted on a daily basis from various bloggers, writers, cooks and amateurs from around the world. Dedicated to focusing on the delectably inspiring links related to the culinary arts... from recipes, to gadgets, to beautiful restaurants, to designer place settings, to beautifully packaged incredible edibles. This is often my go to when I have friends coming over for dinner.

Chow Chow is an oldie and a goodie. They actually upped their game once Chef Steps started becoming so popular. Their articles aren't totally decent as well.

What inspires you? What are your favourite cookbooks/websites?

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