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 The Story

We are Cut Throat Knives and we are bladesmiths.

Cut Throat was launched in 2015. We are based in Melbourne and our knives have been sent around the world


The knife is the oldest tool in a chef's armoury – older even than the management of fire, by somewhere between a million and two million years. Even at the earliest stages of human tool making, man was not randomly slashing at his food, but making careful decisions about which cuts to make with which tools. Knives are often our primary interaction between ourselves and our food – It is with this in mind that Cut Throat Knives are designed to enhance the cooking experience.

The meal is this incredible human institution. In our own small way we love contributing to that through what we do.

Hands down, we love making. We are obsessed with every detail of every single product - each pin, handle wood, and steel has been sourced, selected and chosen by us. Making, forging and designing together, we care a lot and we mean a LOT about the final product. We have a pretty good gut feeling when something is right.


We have a deep respect for manual craftsmanship and enjoy learning from rare and forgotten trades, we find inspiration in taking humanity oldest tools and looking to the future, pushing the envelope and crafting something unique. The details matter.


Our slogan ‘kitchen heirlooms’ expresses exactly what we set out to create, tools that will become the family keepsakes of those who own them.

There is always room to make small improvements, challenge the status quo, and tune processes and practice on an everyday basis.



We use only the best materials we can find for the job in hand, a strong focus on Australian produce from the woods on the handles, to the leathers and wools for chefs rolls. We work with incredible steel producers from around the world to ensure that our products can withstand the hard work of the kitchen. We design simply to evoke emotions. Every Cut Throat Knives product has an aura of quiet confidence. Eye catching without being ostentatious.


To stay true to ideals of handmade all our products are sole authorship. What this means is that every product only spends its time in one persons hands. From initial grind to final sharpen. The term handmade gets thrown around a lot these days and it can obscure the hard work and passion of those who create around us.

In a world of increasingly disposable, valueless items, where homes and garage sales and superstores are packed with mediocre pieces that are bought, used, and ignored, what could be more important than learning once again to value what we buy, and feel a connection to the people who create around us?

Put simply, our passion is our craft.

Quality has no substitute; throwaway culture deserves disposal; and time-honoured skills are worthy of recognition.

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