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  • Who makes your knives?
    All of our knives are handmade in Melbourne. Each knife spends 15-20 hours in one persons hands, from heat treatment, grinding, handsanding and glueing and shaping the handle, our knives are sole authorship. Why are we so committed to doing things by hand? Why are all of our knives sole authorship? Because food, cooking and the people we cook for are important.
  • When are more classes going to be available?
    We announce classes regularly through our members newsletter. You can subscribe by filling out the form in the footer of the website.
  • Is there a waitlist for classes?
    We don't manage a seperate waitlist the best way to stay informed about upcoming classes is through the members' newsletter. Subscribe at the bottom of the page.
  • The "X" Limited Edition sold out can you make me another one?"
    Sorry no. Once any limited edition sells out we never make them again. It would be unfair to our customers to devalue their purchase by just making extras based on demand.
  • Do you make hunting knives?
    We don't make hunting knives, throwing knives, pirate swords, war hammers or xena frisbees. We are 100% committed to kitchen knives. We are about the Chef always and feel that the only way to do what we do justice is to be committed to it.
  • Can I customise them?
    All custom work is under our IMPRINT line of kitchen knives. IMPRINT is about creating a truly unique piece. Every part of IMPRINT is designed to ensure that the project build reflects our commitment to perfection while making the clients bespoke kitchen knife a reality. Our focus is on user contentment, not just satisfaction. We work with you to create a truly unique piece, that reflects you and the way you cook.
  • What Steel do you use?
    The simple answer is we use good steels and heat treat them to the highest degree. The long answer is a combination of modern stainless steels and straight high carbon. We use NitroV for our Stainless and use 52100 steel for our High Carbon. We heat treat the steel to the highest attention to detail, giving them the care and attention that precision cutting tools deserve.
  • What's the difference between High Carbon and Stainless?
    All steels are carbon steels. In other words they contain Carbon (C). Pure Iron (Fe) is way too soft to be used in a knife. What are commonly referred to as High Carbon Steels generally contain just Iron and Carbon. Stainless Steels are somewhat more complex. They also contain Carbon but also contain a high percentage of Chromium (around 15%). The Chromium when heat treated is what gives the steel its stain resistance. In most Stainless Steels there are a number of other elements that are added to the recipe to bring out various qualities. These various elements (Carbon, Chromium, Manganese etc.) plus correct heat treatment give the steel its properties. If you want to know more, we've written more about this here
  • Can you sharpen my knife?
    All Cut Throat Knives come with free knife sharpening. (This is only offered as an instore policy and we can't receive knives in the mail for a retouch) We don't sharpen other brand knives. If you are looking to learn how to sharpen we can recommend investing in a good set of stones, Naniwa and Norton are both fantastic brands and will last you the rest of your life.

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