Kitchen knives are the most used knives in the world. Most people have at least one or more knife in their kitchen, with the average Australian household having five kitchen knives. This includes those who don't consider themselves knife enthusiasts or cooking enthusiasts. We may all differ with how many, what brand and in what shape those knives are, but the fact is that we all have them. 

We've written some articles that hopefully will assist you in finding the right knife for you. We've also written about some things we love, mostly food.

Deep Cuts with Shannon Martinez

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Editors note: this article was written late last year before the bush fires and before the COVID-19 pandemic. I...

When looking at mid-century cookbooks from the U.S., I thank my lucky stars that I was born after the age of as...

Everyone knows that a sharp knife cuts more effectively than a dull one – but do you know why, exactly? 

It all...

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