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Aidan discovered knife making through a love of food. His primary goal is to enhance the joy of cooking by making beautiful, long-lasting and well-built kitchen tools.


His passion for food can be seen in every knife he makes, and they are built to provide a lifetime of cooking enjoyment.


Bladesmith/Lead Eductor

Indigo brings 10 years of experience as a fine jeweller to Cut Throat Knives.

Her work has appeared in MONA tasmania and she is currently working to pass the journeyman test in the ABS.

She brings a positivity and passion to the craft that is infectious.

Michael Dupes


Michael has background spanning 14 years in the construction industry.

Inspired by the fascinating world of metalwork, he is drawn to the beauty and intricacies of contemporary and mid-century design. 

Drawing inspiration from both his practical expertise and academic pursuits, he aims to create innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Tim Begbie


Tim is the head of an emerging design studio based in Melbourne.

His goal is to create furniture and objects that are original, enduring andmade to the highest standards.


Photographer/Image Collector

Rebecca is our photographer, with a diverse portfolio ranging from food, travel, lifestyle and interior clients.


She makes real our crazy ideas for shoots and does justice to the work we do.


Barketing Manager

Graduate of the Mutt-sechusets Instercute of Technolodog.


bark bark bark

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