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Take me to the mountains.
for that’s where I belong
just birds and trees
and wind and leaves
and silence as my song.



For those whom the mountains are calling, for those whom the wilds live in your soul. Elevate your cooking experience, infuse your meals with the spirit of adventure, and create lasting memories that sizzle with flavour and fervor.

The Appalachian Soul limited editions carry the essence of timeless craftsmanship, inviting you to be part of a tradition that celebrates both the art of cooking and the art of exploration. Designed to evoke the outdoors, to ignite your culinary passion and fuel your wanderlust. 


Comprising of a 10 inch Harpoon Tip culinary blade and a matching 7 inch Bunka.


The Blades are made from High Carbon 52100 Steel and are made to perform any and all culinary tasks thrown at them.

The handles boast a combination of Buck Eye Burl on one side and Plaid Micarta on the other framed with beautiful red liner.

7 inch BUNKA $900

10 inch Haroon Tip $980

Photography by Rebecca Newman


How are they made?

The Appalachian Soul is a full tang knife featuring a textured finish and a special double sided handle.

It is made in house from 52100 steel.

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