To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Cut Throat Knives, we've dived into the water. This is for all those who tempted by a siren's song.

This Limited Run of high flex filleting knives.

The blades boast handles inspired by Australian native fish. The blade features a spanish notch for easy sharpening, a highly flexible 7 inch blade and a handle designed for maximum control when filleting.

Each blade comes with a wooden saya to protect the knife for storage.

These are a limited run and only a small amount of each handle type will be release.

These will be released in four catches.

April 29

May 13

May 27

Photography by Rebecca Newman

King George Whiting
Murray Cod
220413_CTK7346 1.jpg
Red Snapper
220413_CTK7364 1.jpg
220413_CTK7372 1.jpg
Yellow Fin
220413_CTK7381 1.jpg

How are they made?

The filleting knives are full tang knives.

Made from Nitro V Stainless Steel and are ground thin for flexibility