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Two iconic craftsman brands have joined forces to create a truly one-of-a-kind culinary and beverage experience.


Cut Throat Knives has has partnered with celebrated craft whisky distillery Corowa Distilling Co. on a limited edition chef's knife that celebrates the art of barrel-aged spirits.

The Cut Throat Knife is a forged san mai blade, featuring a high carbon cutting edge core with a stainless jacket and a copper shim. The blade. boasts a barrel inspired WA handle made from the oak barrels of Corowa's award-winning whiskies. The kitchen heirlooms are accompanied by a wooden saya made from the same oak wooden barrel staves carved to mould around the knife without escaping its original form. The design blends seemleslly with the oak barrel stave and is both born from it and a part of it.

"Our barrels are the heroes of our whisky-making process, imparting distinctive flavours," said BeauSchilg, head distiller at Corowa. "We're thrilled to team up with Cut Throat Knives to repurpose our used staves and let their artistry shine through in this beautiful kitchen knife".

This partnership between Corowa and Cut Throat Knives is more than a collaboration; it is a melding of two crafts that require patience, precision, and passion. The result is a chef knife that is as functional as it is beautiful, embodying the spirit of both brands.

These are a limited edition and are available to purchase through the Corowa Website from June 22.

Photography by Rebecca Newman

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How are they made?

The Cut Throat Knives x Corowa Blades are made from San Mai Steel and feature a Copper Shim between the Stainless outer jacket and the high carbon cutting edge.


The handles are made with barrel staves from Corowa's award winning Whisky, lightly charred in celebration of the techniques of coopers (barrel makers)

Every knife comes with a handmade Saya made from the same barrel stave as the handle. The are carved to mimic an follow the lines of the knife handle. Become seperate but connected pieces.

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