As knife makers we seek to push the boundaries of design while making beautiful, functional pieces. We test new ideas, marry concepts and reinterpret traditional knife design in a contemporary context.


In so doing we create new relationships between new and old. 


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Cut Throat Knives, we decided to pay homage to Japanese culinary knives. 


Inspired by yet untethered from tradition, with an added pinch of Australiana.

The Cut Throat Knives Culinary Samurai range consists of our take on Japanese culinary knives, made with 52100 High Carbon Steel with a textured knapped finish. The Handles are made using either Tasmanian Huon Pine or Japanese Elm Burl and can be ordered scorched or unscorched. All Knives come with Wooden Sayas.

These are a timed limited edition and are only available to order until the end of May through our online store.

Find out about them below.

Photography by Rebecca Newman


7" Nakiri

The Nakiri knife is one of THE classic Japanese chef knives. Perfect for thin, even slicing. The flat blade produces clean straight cuts.


With a generous blade length of 7 inches this is the go to knife for delicate vegetables.



10" Sujihiki

The long, narrow, graceful blade of the Sujihiki is particularly useful for trimming away sinew and fat from meat, finely slicing meat or boneless fish. The long blade allows the meat or fish to be cut in one single drawing motion, from heel to tip.



8" K-Tip Gyuto
The Gyuto is the Japanese Chef Knife. 
It is versatile kitchen knife equally adept at chopping vegetable, mincing herbs and slicing meat.

With a K-Tip for precision, this will no doubt be your go-to culinary tool.


Deba Bocho

7" K-Tip Deba Bocho
The significant weight in the heel of the Deba can be used to cut or chop through the bones found in small and medium-sized fish and poultry, w
hile the thin tip makes equally adept at delicate work.

We double bevel our Debas to put a modern twist on a traditional style and to ensure it feels familiar in your hand.


How are they made?

The blades are full tang knife with a tapered tang and a distal taper on the blade.

The steel is 52100 with a knapped finish

The handles are shaped in a semi WA design. A blended mix of Japanese Traditional handle shaped with the soft curves of European design.

The handles are held together with stainless pins and feature the cut throat logo.