Cut Throat Knives has teamed up with internationally renowned graffiti artist INSA with this incredible triple threat limited edition.

INSA's world is one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide. Always with a heavy sense of irony, INSA visually exaggerates the notion of objectification and commodification. His visual motifs confront the fetishisation of products with graphically depicted oversized body parts that are suspended in bold black and white graphic patterns. INSA's works question how we process and consume art, and the transience of both art and object.

2019 is the 15th anniversary of INSA's heel pattern which has seen it placed on not only walls around the world, but on watches, clothing, furniture and now a collection of culinary tools.

The limited editions blades feature unique resin handles that display INSA's heel pattern with three signature colour combinations; Spectre Grey, MTL Sunset and Classic.

This limited edition is comprised of three culinary knives; a Bunka, a Kuchenmesser and an Oyster Knife. Find out about them below.  


The release will comprise of 18 Culinary tools total, 6 of each Knife Design with 2 being made in each colour combo. They will be released on Dec 6, and will be available in sets and individually.

Photos by Rebecca Newman Photography

6" Bunka

Even if you’ve never heard of its name, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with and well-accustomed to this knife.

Whether you’re working with vegetables, fish or boneless meat, the Bunka can tackle just about anything.

The handle design lends itself to both pinch gripping while also feeling completely comfortable in handle grip.


10" K-Tip Küchenmesser
The Küchenmesser is designed as a multi-purpose kitchen knife. It features a broad blade and spine in line with the handle to effectively manipulate food on a chopping board and a high tip that excels at rock chopping and slicing.

The handle design lends itself to both pinch gripping while also feeling completely comfortable in handle grip.


With practice and good technique, the Küchenmesser can be used for practically any kitchen task there is.

Mother Shucker 2.0

Made to gently wiggle the tip into the hinge, find the sweet spot and pop it open with a twist.


From there sweep the knife against the inside of the top and bottom shell, detaching the adductor muscle, before checking for any leftover shrapnel and then either eat it or rest it on a bed of ice.





How are they made?

The Cut Throat Knives are full tang knife with a tapered tang and a distal taper on the blade.

The steel is Nitro V Stainless Steel.

The handles feature unique INSA heel patterns resin handles available in three colour patterns

MTL Sunset

Spectre Grey


The handles are held on with stainless pins and a special INSA teardrop artistic pin