Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;

Lengthen night and shorten day;

Every leaf speaks bliss to me

Fluttering from the autumn tree.

--- Emily Bronte

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of Cut Throat Knives, we've been inspired by the shifting seasons. This is for those that love crisp mornings, leaves turning golden, nights drawing in and fires being lit.

This Limited Edition is comprised of two knives, a 7 inch Nakiri and a 8 inch Chinese Cleaver. These can be bought separately or as a pair.

The blades boast a full laser engraved designs on the blade, a recurve heel, stainless steel autumnal bolsters and a skeleton tang with a translucent resin handle that was cast directly onto the blade with floating leaf pins blowing in the wind.  Like leaves falling from the tree, every knife will have a unique coloured handle, ranging from intense oranges, firey reds to soft yellows.

Each blade comes with a custom made wooden saya to protect the knife for storage.

These are a limited edition and like leaves falling from the tree will be released in small numbers over the coming months. Just 7 Cleavers and 8 Nakiris will be made.

Find out about them below.

Photography by Rebecca Newman


7" Nakiri

The Nakiri knife is one of the classic Japanese chef knives. Perfect for thin, even slicing. The flat blade produces clean straight cuts.


With a generous blade length of 7 inches this is the go to knife for delicate vegetables.



8" Chinese Cleaver

The Chinese Cleaver is a highly versatile general-purpose kitchen knife that can be used to slice, chop, mince, scrape, and even crush ingredients. 


The tall blade of the Chinese Cleaver enables it to be safely guided with the knuckles of your free hand


If you love cooking, you owe it to yourself to try a Chinese Cleaver!


How are they made?

The Last Leaves of Autumn are full tang knives with a custom cut skeleton tang.

Made from Nitro V Stainless Steel they feature a beautiful laser engraving of wind blown leaves on the blade.