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We are all about the relationship between the cook and their kitchen tools. The IMPRINT line is about working together with our customer to ensure that each client becomes a knife connoisseur in their own right through the creation of their own kitchen heirloom.

IMPRINT is about creating a truly unique piece. Every part of IMPRINT is designed to ensure that the project build reflects our commitment to perfection while making the clients bespoke kitchen knife a reality. Our focus is on user contentment, not just satisfaction.

We never compromise on our pursuit of the ultimate cutting tool, from choice of materials, to heat treatment, and fit and finish.


We learn from the masters and work with the mavericks.


Quality has no substitute.

your knife. your way.


1. Design your blade

work with us to create a unique piece. Choose a design and adjust to your liking, or be bold and create your own.

2. Select your materials

3. Measure

your choice of damascus,

san-mai, w2 hamon, or something a little different, and that is just the steel!

all our IMPRINT knives are made to measure so you know that everything from the length of the blade to the handle are tailored to you.



4. Enjoy

our bladesmiths create your unique kitchen heirloom in house. And when it is ready you can pick it up at the forge or have it delivered for free.

20190429_CTK21100 1.jpg

"The whole process was an awesome experience. You can feel the passion they have for the craft, and it is proven in the product. Can't wait for my next knife."

- Luke William Brown, Chef

experience a made to measure knife and you'll never buy factory made again.

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