The End Grain Block is the kitchen knife's partner in crime. Often forgotten for its flashier, sharper companion the board doesn't always get the attention it deserves... Until Now.

Simply put End Grain is the best choice for chopping boards. Because the grains run vertically the grain separates around the blade and then self heals. What this means is a longer lasting chopping board and a gentler surface for your knives.

We have worked hard to bring you the Cut Throat Block. A Kitchen Heirloom that will enhance your cooking experience and look so fine that you'll never take it off the counter.

210331_CTK2339 1.jpg
210331_CTK2338 1.jpg
210331_CTK2341 1.jpg

How are they made?

Its all in the details, from the laser engraved logo to the small Cut Throat Logo pin on the top. Beyond a Chopping Board this is an object that takes pride of place in a kitchen