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Leather is one of humanity's oldest discoveries. It has protected us from the elements for thousands of years and allowed us to explore the world.

Your culinary tools are your most important assets in the kitchen and they should be protected every step of the way. All our leatherwork is made by hand in Melbourne and is sole authorship with only one leathersmith working on them from start to finish.


To do our leatherwork justice we source quality materials that are assembled by one highly skilled artisan leathersmith. A sense of craft, playfullness and ultimately hard earned skill lend the pieces a timeless quality and a decidedly human touch.


The Cut Throat Knives Leather line up consists of knife rolls and knife wallets. You can discover more about them below.

Knife Wallet
Perfect for the daily commute or for the weekend away. This elegant piece will keep your knife protected and riding in style.

Can hold 1-2 knives.


Chef Explorer
Whether your are prepping a station or travelling the world the Explorer will be the friend you need.

Room for 4 knives and with a small pocket for all those extras. Where are you travelling to?


Chef Professional
Made to carry 10 of your culinary tools with the respect they deserve. With flexible pockets that stretch to accomodate a variety of handle shapes, you'll never have to leave home without your favourite cutting tool.


How are they made?

Scars and various grains are all normal characteristics of genuine leather. The more expensive and natural, the more this rings true.

Over time, this leather will age and acquire an exquisite patina.

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