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The knife is the oldest tool in a chef's armoury - older even than the management of fire, by somewhere between a million and two million years. Even at the earliest stages of human tool making, man was not randomly slashing at his food, but making careful decisions about which cuts to make with which tools. Knives are often our primary interaction between ourselves and our food - It is with this in mind that Cut Throat Knives are designed to enhance the cooking experience.​


In a world of increasingly disposable, valueless items, where homes and garage sales and superstores are packed with mediocre pieces that are bought, used, and ignored, what could be more important than learning once again to value what we buy, and feel a connection to the people who create around us?


Handle choices are rotated every 6 months of orders, and feature a delicious selection of some great materials both natural and synthetic.


Deposits are non-refundable.


* paring knives are only available in stainless.


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